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My Background


About Me

I am an International 800m athlete that has been involved in the sport since 2005.


Over the years I have continued to grow as an athlete and further my knowledge of the sport. S&C has played a vital role in my development and ultimately been one of the key areas in helping me improve my times and run at an international level. 

I have wanted to start my own coaching programme for some time, firstly to give back and secondly to help others achieve their goals from knowledge and lessons I have learnt over the years. My goal is to help you bring out the best version of yourself and create sustainable habits for life so you can keep doing what you love.


Throughout my time at Loughborough I gained an extensive insight into a wide range of areas; including the physiology of how the body adapts to training and specificities on how the body moves and recruits muscle fibres.  


After studying at Loughborough I went on to the US where I undertook a Track & Field scholarship at the prestigious Baylor University to study a Masters. Here I began to develop a wealth of knowledge on periodisation and how this is best achieved during intensive competition periods. I also gained an extensive knowledge as well as the practical application into triphasic training and increasing ones power output whilst not interfering with the main goal of improving your running. 


I've had a wide range of experiences and exposure to the performance side of the S&C industry. As an international athlete I've spent a lot of time with world renowned coaches and athletes who have helped shape a wide variety of my experiences of S&C. In addition I also graduated from the UK's leading sports University with a BSc in Sports Science with Business Management.